Having no voice is no reason for anyone to suffer injustice and to live with it. Pravasi legal cell had its inspired and enthusiastic beginning when the need of opening the doors of justice to people especially to migrants who cannot walk the lengthy and costly route of grievance redressal system was felt strongly. The aim of rendering voice to the voiceless and demanding justice for people who have no access to the system, either due to ignorance or due to lacks, has been the motivational force behind this endeavor.

Skepticism about the practicality and success of such an endeavor of providing free legal aid has been dispelled by generous hands and minds that motivated with constant advice and gracious assistance. The society has completed about a decade of its fruitful and happening existence. The smile that justice brings on the face of people, otherwise harassed and made hopeless by situations, guides its journey ahead, further motivated and inspired. It has been many years. Changes have been made. Smiles have bloomed. It is time now to strengthen and expand further. Join us. Let’s make a difference.

“ It has been ten years… changes have been made… smiles have bloomed… it is time now to strengthen and expand further… come join us… let’s make the difference… ”