Pravasi Legal Cell functions at the national level to mitigate a wide range of injustice that the common man encounters in everyday life. People who face issues like illegal eviction, illegitimate possession of property by tenants, encroachments, harassment, violation of fundamental rights by various authorities on flimsy grounds, denial of consumer rights, illegal detention, human right violations, exploitation or termination in blatant violation to prevalent labour laws, bonding and subsequent restrictions in open opportunities etc. deserve assistance and affordable guidance on the legal front.

Pravasi Legal Cell is committed to spreading legal awareness among the public through various means. Seminars, workshops, discussions and niyamavedis are regularly being conducted in association with various governmental and non-governmental organizations. The purpose of these initiatives is to make people recognize their rights in different walks of life and educate them about various ways of approaching the justice distribution system. Pravasi Legal Cell is a brain child of Jose Abraham, Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court of India, who is also its President and operational head. Justice C.S. Rajan, former Judge in the High Court of Kerala and Senior advocate in the Supreme Court is the patron of Pravasi Legal Cell.